Deadline to Apply for the 2020 Fellowship is January 31, 2020

Kompas Fellowship
Kompas Fellowship

morten kristensen


A graduate from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Institute of Architecture and Design in Copenhagen, Denmark, Morten Kristensen was one of the two 2016 Kompas Fellows. During his schooling in Copenhagen, Morten was granted an exchange scholarship to study at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia.

Throughout his fellowship, Morten explored design concepts for outdoor urban spaces that effectively engaged users of all ages. Additionally, as an Architectural Intern, Morten continued to refine his skillset by contributing to an array of Myefski Architects’ urban design projects.

A native of Denmark, Morten believes that function has a beauty in itself and appreciates Danish Functionalism, in particular projects that are specific to their surroundings. An avid traveler, Morten has visited Nepal, China, and has even biked across the United States. He believes no matter where you’re going—mentally or physically—you should always enjoy the ride.