Deadline to Apply for the 2020 Fellowship is January 31, 2020

Kompas Fellowship
Kompas Fellowship

Frequently Asked questions

What is the mission of the Kompas Fellowship?

The Kompas Fellowship is an opportunity for creative individuals to gain hands-on professional experience while unlocking their own innovator potential.

How is the Kompas Fellowship structured?

Through this immersive program, the fellow furthers their skills outside the classroom by working alongside architects and designers. The fellow spends 80% of their time assisting with real-world projects and approximately 20% of their time working on their innovative idea.

After the initial learning and observation stages, the fellow undertakes an independent project focused on new ways of thinking and doing. The fellow’s innovative idea should be sustainable and relevant. The innovation explored must contextually integrate into the firm’s Chicago culture, primarily using the city as a resource in their research. 

What does “innovative idea” mean?

The Kompas Fellowship was founded with the intent of providing emerging design professionals an opportunity to research, test, and implement an innovative idea into the design experience. We define innovative idea as a new way of thinking or doing.

Fellowship applicants must identify an innovative idea they wish to explore. Understanding industry knowledge conditions, demand conditions, and structure, a fellow’s proposed innovative idea is limited only by its ability to be adopted by the firm - it's encouraged that the city of Chicago is used as inspiration.

Generally, innovative ideas come from necessity and others from creative spark. Consider taking opposing thoughts and combine them, this will increase the innovative potential of your idea. 

How does the Kompas Fellowship work?

This intensive program is a one-year, full-time, paid employment opportunity with the Myefski Architects Chicago studio. The fellow receives a $42,500 stipend to cover the cost of living, moving, and other expenses.

The fellowship is formatted in a “gap year” time frame. The fellow may choose a start date between May and August. The fellowship concludes 12 months from the chosen start date.

The fellowship is open to those who will receive an undergraduate degree during the year they apply. For example, Scandinavian architecture students need to complete their Bachelor of Architecture during the year they apply, and University of Michigan architecture students need to complete their Bachelor of Science in Architecture during the year they apply.

Applications are accepted from students with undergraduate degrees from the University of Michigan or an accredited architectural institution in one of the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

Applicants must intend to pursue a graduate degree and demonstrate an interest in architecture.

How many fellowships will be available?

It is the intent of the selection committee to award one fellowship to an applicant from the University of Michigan and one fellowship to an applicant from the accredited architectural institutions in the following countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden.

In the event a limited number of applications are received, the selection committee may elect to award a single fellowship after a combined review of applicants from all institutions.

How do I apply for the Kompas Fellowship

To apply, submit the following materials in PDF form here.

500-WORD (MAX.) NARRATIVE: Describe your innovative idea and why it is important to you. Explain your vision for the impact you want to have. Clarify how MA and its Chicago location will help you to realize your vision.

CURRENT RESUME: Class history and project/design experience. Cite two references and include their titles and your relationship.

PORTFOLIO OF DESIGN WORK: Submit a maximum of 15 images depicting your most creative work and overall design persona. Include a brief description of each image. 

When are applications due?

Applications for the 2020-2021 Kompas Fellowship are due by January 31, 2020.

When are finalists selected and interviewed?

Finalists will be selected on February 10, 2020.  Interviews will be scheduled for the end of February 2020.

When will the fellow be chosen?

The 2020 Fellow selection date will be March 13, 2020.

How are Kompas Fellows selected

We look for an individual who demonstrates an interest in architecture, is committed to advancing the design experience, and can articulate the impact of their ideas. We consider each candidate’s ability to utilize experience gained from project-related work while navigating the innovation process.

We evaluate each application for clarity of vision in the stated innovative idea, the potential of the innovative idea to address and/or meet demands of the current design environment, the applicability of past experience and coursework, and demonstrated creative capabilities.

The selection committee includes Myefski Architects’ Founding Principal and members of the firm's senior leadership.

What should I consider when preparing my application?

Help us to understand how your innovative ideas can enrich the design experience at Myefski Architects. Describe your innovative idea in a clear, concise manner and be sure to state why it is important to you.

Highlight coursework and project/design experience that is relevant. And, don’t forget to illustrate your design point of view – do this with images and brief descriptions. 

How do I get a visa if I'm coming from outside the US?

Myefski Architects works with the American Scandinavian Foundation to assist the chosen fellow with the visa application process. The ultimate decision in granting the visa is that of the US Department of Citizenship and Immigration Services.