Deadline to Apply for the 2020 Fellowship is January 31, 2020

Kompas Fellowship
Kompas Fellowship

kira rosenbaum


Kira Rosenbaum, a graduate of the University of Michigan’s Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning, was one of the two 2016 Kompas Fellows. Originally from California’s Bay Area, Kira has garnered a strong interest in sustainability thanks, in part, to the Green California initiative.

During her term as a Fellow, Kira explored and tested a method of design that reduces costs, time, and environmental impact by using standard material unit sizes. Contributing to Myefski Architects’ challenging projects has helped to support Kira’s exploration and experimentation during her tenure as Architectural Intern.

With a minor in History, Kira is naturally drawn to Classical architecture and finds the complex details within its overall simplicity to be captivating. As a coxswain of UM’s Varsity Women’s Crew Team, Kira demonstrated impeccable focus and persistence while leading a team. When she is not honing her design and leadership skills, you can find Kira in the kitchen, frequently challenging herself to create new and exciting dishes.