Deadline to Apply for the 2020 Fellowship is January 31, 2020

Kompas Fellowship
Kompas Fellowship

genevieve doman


A graduate of the University of Michigan, Genevieve was the 2015 Kompas Fellow – the first person to hold this honor. Intent on pursuing a career as an architect specializing in historic preservation, Genevieve has resolved to continually question the notion of documentation.

During her term as the Kompas Fellow, Genevieve worked to develop a more articulate language for historic adaptive architecture. Her approach focused on effectively conveying design complexities found in architectural documents through the development of a representational technique toolset. Working as an Architectural Intern on Myefski Architects’ challenging renovation projects helped to support Genevieve’s exploration and experimentation during the fellowship.

A design enthusiast, Genevieve feels specifically drawn to architecture and graphic design. With a deep passion for traveling, Genevieve finds inspiration through her surroundings and strives to be an observant and conscientious thinker. When standing in one place long enough, she enjoys cooking, hiking, and practicing yoga.